Recipe: Carrot-Cinnamon Juice for Metabolic Boost

A summer of skimpy bathing suits and bare sundresses is upon us, and many women will begin thinking more about their weight. Incorporating juice into your diet is a popular and healthy way to lose weight because you get nearly all of the nutrients your body needs in one glass. Recent studies also show that consuming cinnamon boosts your metabolism. The spice can help you lose weight by lowering your body’s blood sugar so that you store less fat.

This juice recipe contains cinnamon as well as vegetables and fruits that are low in simple sugars.

Carrot-Cinnamon Juice


    • 8 oz. cold water
    • 4 large carrots
    • 2 stalks of celery (including leaves)
    • 1 green apple
    • 1 handful of spinach
    • 1 teaspoon of lemon or lime juice
    • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon

Blend and enjoy!

Nutritional info: Makes 1 serving with 221 calories, 1.5 g fat, and 2.96 g protein.

Recipe by Michelle Blaga, social media and blog contributor for Lucille Roberts.

Lucille Roberts Staff

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