10 Tips for Healthy Eating During Summer Events

Healthy Eating During a wedding Healthy Eating During a bbq

Whether you’re attending a wedding, a backyard barbecue or just having a night out, follow these tips for healthy eating to keep you on track during any social gathering!

1. Don’t arrive hungry.

Eat a combo of protein and carbohydrates to stay satiated. For example, a handful of nuts and dried fruit or a piece of toast with canned tuna or salmon.

2. Don’t go crazy with starchy carbs.

Put a cap on calories by limiting yourself to 1 cup—total—of starchy side dishes, such as potato, pasta and those delicious bean salads.

3. Take the croutons off your salad.

They can add a ton of calories and fat to an otherwise healthy dish.

4. Keep your dessert portions small.

Allow yourself a bite or two of dessert, and choose something you rarely indulge in so that you can really savor it.

5. Watch your alcohol intake.

Avoid alcohol if you can. If you do indulge, make sure to drink a glass of water between every drink.

6. Bring your own healthy meal.

For a BBQ, bring a salad or chopped veggies to add to the buffet.

7. Don’t fill up during the cocktail hour.

At a wedding, there are usually multiple courses of food. Pace yourself!

8. Fill up on veggies first.

Always load up your plate with low-cal vegetables before digging into anything else. You’ll leave less room for the “bad” stuff.

9. Place limits.

If you have a tendency to overindulge, try a 2 plate limit and a 2 drink limit.

10. Get moving!

After you eat, go out on the dance floor, go play with friends and family – get moving! Not only will you “burn off” calories, but you’ll be having too much fun to worry about food.

Barbara Baez

Barbara Baez is the social media manager and a blog contributor at Lucille Roberts. With a B.A. in Journalism and a passion for all things Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook etc., she is ready to take the social media and blogging world by storm! Barbara is a Long Island native who loves bootcamp classes and running to stay in shape. Vegetarian, self-proclaimed nail polish junkie, health nut, and photo enthusiast, Barbara is excited to be a part of the Lucille Roberts team!

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