Don’t Let Summer Sabotage Your Healthy Eating Habits

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By Deborah Moss, RD, CDN

It’s officially summer!  And while it’s the season to relax and enjoy spending more time with friends and family, summer can often throw a wrench into a healthy eating plan when it is packed with barbeques, beach outings, and vacations.  How often have you started the summer feeling good about yourself only to “weigh in” after Labor Day feeling bloated and down about the pounds that crept on over the last few months?  Follow these few simple tips to eat right while still enjoying your summer fun!

  • Don’t show up to an event starving.  This will only lead to over-indulging in the first hour that you are there.
  • If you are worried about what type of food will be served at a party, offer to bring a healthy dish such as a tossed salad, vegetables and a low-fat dip, or a fresh fruit platter.
  • Sit and enjoy your food rather than graze throughout an event.  When we mindlessly graze, calories add up much faster than we realize.  Mindful eating will allow you to slow down and appreciate each bite.
  • Enjoy your food, but watch your portions.  Try taking only small amounts of high-calorie food.
  • Choose your drinks wisely.   Popular summer frozen drinks such as margaritas contain a lot more calories than a drink made with seltzer water with lemon.  Drink water in between alcoholic beverages to cut back on calories and to stay hydrated.
  • When heading to the beach or taking a road trip, plan ahead and pack some healthy foods to have on hand, such as a lean deli sandwich made on a whole grain bread, fresh or dried fruit, raw vegetables, nuts, guacamole, hummus, low-fat yogurt or cheese and whole grain crackers.


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Deborah Moss 1Deborah Moss is a registered dietitian and certified dietetic nutritionist.  She is the owner of Natural Nutrition and Wellness, a private nutrition counseling practice that specializes in women’s health and wellness, specifically focusing on weight management and the integration of nutrition for disease prevention and management.  Deborah graduated from Queens College with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition.  She completed a dietetic internship program through LIU, CW Post.  She has presented nutrition and wellness classes associated with diabetes, heart disease and weight management to numerous clients through corporate wellness programs.  Deborah’s goal in counseling is in helping others achieve a healthier and more balanced life.

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