Blogger Makeover Update: Linda Vertlieb – Staying Motivated After a Month

Linda Vertlieb of is a Lucille Roberts “Makeover Blogger” training at Lucille Roberts Bala Cynwyd. Here’s her most recent update on her progress.

Hello, motivation? Where are you???

I’m in my fifth week of getting fit at Lucille Roberts, and I am beginning to realize how important motivation is. When I started this journey, of course I was nervous, but I was totally motivated. Nothing was going to keep me from getting fit. That was, until I passed the month mark. Yep, not so excited anymore about working out. I don’t think I’m alone on this one. Let’s be honest–January is typically when everyone sets goals to get fit. Now that it’s February, I hardly hear anyone talking about it. It’s not like my training sessions aren’t working; I’m seeing amazing results! I’m just missing my drive and excitement.

Now I’m on the hunt for my motivation. Something that has really helped me has been, believe it or not, Pinterest! I have a board called Working on My Fitness,¬†where I pin anything from easy workouts and healthy recipes to motivational phrases and photos. It may sound silly, but it’s always refreshing to find new ways to get motivated and fit. Seeing other points of view and techniques really shakes things up, and that’s what you need to get excited again.

Yes, on Pinterest you will also come across many images of fit, amazing-looking women. For me, I find them motivating. It reminds me of the possibilities if I continue to stick with my fitness program. It definitely makes me think twice before thinking about skipping the gym. Although my motivation isn’t as high as it was the first weeks, I just have to continue to stick to it because, if I don’t, the only person I’m hurting is myself. This is my new routine, and I’m going to make working out a part of my life. It took me a lot of pain and sweat to get to wear I am now; giving up would mean that I’d have to go through all of it again. Why would I want to do that??

However you find your motivation, don’t give up! Make it part of your everyday life, and the reward will be priceless!

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