Ask Dr. V: Top 5 Age Fighting Foods!


Though we may not be able to drink from or bathe in the fountain of youth, we can stock up on foods with age fighting properties.

They may not be able to stop the clock, but they can assist in helping you look your best inside and out. Try to pick out a few to work into your meals:

1. Berries -Incorporating berries into your meals is a great choice because their versatility. Perfect for smoothies (check out recipes!), salads or snacking right out of the carton, berries are packed with antioxidant compounds that improve everything from muscle tone to brain function and balance.

2. Nuts - This food is ideal for snacking because of how easy it is to toss them into your handbag or gym bag. They pack a powerful health punch without packing in bad fats or calories.  Try keeping almonds and walnuts on hand because they will improve your cardiovascular health.  Walnuts are also a great source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids which help reduce inflammation and as a result, can tame breakouts.  Omega 3’s can also help prevent sun damage, which of course can lead to older looking skin.

3. Cucumber - Another easy vegetable to work into your meal plans whether via salads, juicing, eating it raw with humus or in a sandwich.  Not only is it low in calories, but it’s high in silica which is a “building block” for your collagen which keeps your skin looking plump and less wrinkled.


4. Fish - With the warmer weather comes the craving of seafood for some. This is good news for your body because oily fish is filled with Omega-3 Fatty Acids that will protect you from inflammation, and has been known to cut your risk of Alzheimer’s disease.

5. Red Fruits - Certain red fruits, including tomatoes (yep, they’re a fruit), contain lycopene, another powerful antioxidant that works an anti-aging magic on your skin.  Lycopene has also been known to combat certain cancers by binding itself onto free radicals, lycopene helps keep them from causing cell damage that could result in cancer and other diseases.

The power of food is amazing! We continue to learn about what foods deliver what health-giving powers. What are your go-to healthful food picks? 

Dr. V at workDr. Yael “Dr. V” Varnado  is a Cornell-educated physician and a medical and health expert, known for her ability to deliver straight, relatable and relevant information on timely topics that matter most.

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