5 Ways To Cut Portions Without Feeling Hungry

woman portion controlTo lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you eat and portion control is one of the keys to achieving this. Here are five easy ways to slice portions, cut calories and trim down fat:

1. Start with water

Before sitting down to eat, drink about 16 ounces of H20. FIlling your belly with water rather than food will naturally make you less likely to overeat. Plus, the ssymptoms of dehydration could be the culprits making you feel like chowing down to begin with. Drink up!

2. Wear form-fitting clothes

OK, we’re not saying go dig out those ultra skinny jeans that are too tight. However, purposely choosing an outfit that is more form-fitting can do wonders for your eating habits. Doing so can serve as a tool to help you to slow down and assess how you feel during your meal.

3. Make carbs the topper not the base

When it comes to grains and starches, you may want to rethink your approach. Lets take a parfait:  instead of loading up on the granola first, fill up your cup with yogurt then sprinkle the munchies on top along with some fruit. Limit your intake without taking them out altogether.

4. Don’t eat from the bag or box

Huge no-no! When you sit down with a bag/box of goodies, do you really know how many you’re eating? I don’t know about you, but when I do that I end up eating the whole thing. Instead of binge eating without even realizing it, just put your snack in a bowl to control how much you eat.

5. Use smaller dishware to serve

This trick can be a life-saver for some. If you constantly choose to use a smaller bowl or plate, you will find yourself eating less (even if you decide to go in for seconds). Also, using a smaller utensil to serve may help too!

Catherine Mendez

Catherine Mendez is the Editorial Assistant at Lucille Roberts. With a B.A. in Journalism from Quinnipiac University, writing is her calling. A born New York City gal, Catherine is a social media lover and runner (when it’s warm out). A magazine hoarder, hopeFUL romantic, and avid list maker, she is looking to polish up her yoga skills. Catherine never parts with her iPhone so follow her: @cathjmendez

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