10 Activities To Keep You From Eating Out of Boredom!

10 ways to not eat out of boredom

If you’re one of the many people who choose to make their way to the pantry when you’re bored, STOP!

There are many other productive things you could be doing that will take your mind off food. Try some of these activities:

1. Take a walk – You don’t have to go to the gym to get exercise. Take a stroll down the block so you won’t take one to the fridge.

2. Paint your nails – Here at LR we are nail polish gurus. Break out your collection and give yourself a mani/pedi instead of a sandwich.

3. Drink water or tea – Fill up your water bottle or make some tea to keep yourself from snacking during the day; most of the time you’re just thirsty anyway.

4. Watch a comedy – Take a load off and watch a funny movie. Plus, if you watch something hilarious you may just get an ab work out in!

5. Reorganize something – Rather than sitting around doing nothing, choose to reorganize yourroom or laptop. Be a neat freak not an EAT freak.

6. Don’t keep opening and closing the fridge – Don’t tempt yourself!

7. Shower or bathe – Sometimes you just need to take a breather and relax. A nice long bubble bath will usually do the trick…not ice cream.

8. Talk to a friend – Grab your phone and chat with your bestie about anything, but food. Gossip!

9. Walk around a mall – Get some cardio in by wandering around your favorite mall. Shop till ya drop, just avoid the food court!

10. Meditate – Clear your mind and cravings by meditating.

Catherine Mendez

Catherine Mendez is the Editorial Assistant at Lucille Roberts. With a B.A. in Journalism from Quinnipiac University, writing is her calling. A born New York City gal, Catherine is a social media lover and runner (when it’s warm out). A magazine hoarder, hopeFUL romantic, and avid list maker, she is looking to polish up her yoga skills. Catherine never parts with her iPhone so follow her: @cathjmendez

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