5 Tips To Avoid The Freshman 15!

freshman 15The end of summer means back to school! For all of you college students out there, going away to school can be dangerous on the waistline. The campus dining hall is basically like walking into an all-you-can-eat buffet. As delicious as that not-so-good food might look, restrain yourselves!

It may be called the “freshman 15,” but this weight gain can creep up on all students. Eating healthy is also vital to performing well in school and other activities. The eating habits you develop during your first year away can stay with you through college and beyond.

With many students not having access to personal kitchens, on-campus dining is their only option. If this is you, LR is here to help! Follow these five tips to help you dodge the freshman 15:

Don’t Skip Meals – It may seem like bypassing a meal is a great idea when you want to lose weight…WRONG. Starting off with a good breakfast sets the pace for the rest of your day and your metabolism.

Control Your Portions – Just because you swipe your card doesn’t mean the cafeteria is a free for all. Filling your plate up and your stomach is a major no no. Eat until your satisfied not till your bulging. Learning how to portion your plate will help!

Drink Lots Of Water – Okay so we may sound like a broken record, but drinking the proper amounts of water everyday is extremely important. Soda and coffee may seem like good picks for pulling an all-nighter (which you shouldn’t do), but you should always choose water.

imsis591-054Don’t Eat Out Of Boredom – There are a ton of other things you could be doing instead of sitting in your dorm room munching away at a snack. Eating out of boredom may be one of the biggest reason you’re gaining weight. That post-drinking pizza may look delish, but drink some water instead.

Exercise! – We know exercise really has nothing to do with eating, but it’s essential to keep off the pounds. Walking to class, going to the gym, or joining an intramural sport are all options for keeping fit!

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Catherine Mendez

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