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Lucille Roberts Partners With Boxtera on Pinterest Contest

Lucille Roberts is excited to announce a year-long partnership with Boxtera. Boxtera is a monthly subscription box that delivers snacks to your home or office. Yes you read that right… SNACKS!

And these aren’t just any snacks, they’re mostly gluten free, sometimes vegan, but always minimally processed and non-GMO snacks. If there was ever a perfect snack box… this is it.

As with any partnership we do, we’ve got perks for you. From now until March 18th if you sign up, your shipping is free. That’s right FREE SHIPPING. Just enter code “LUCILLE01” at checkout.

These boxes start at $30 per month which may sound like a lot, but it’s a great deal if you consider the fact that 1 candy bar at $1.25 times 31 days is $38.75. Oh yeah and you should also consider the fact that you should not be eating candy bars!

We had the box delivered to the office last month and it had everything from wasabi edamame and kale chips to protein bars and blue algae. And everything was so delicious we ate it in a week. I’m sure you will exhibit much more self-control and your box will last until the next month’s box arrives.

What’s in March’s box you ask? Well for starters there’s Fearless Chocolate Bars in Sweet and Hot Hibiscus Ginger (save these for that time of the month), Primal Spirit Thai Peanut Vegan Jerky, Madhouse Munchies Salt and Vinegar Chips and Alive and Radiant Quite Cheesy Kale Krunch. Drooling? We thought so. Check out the full list here.

But here’s the big question… how can you get in on a FREE 3-month subscription? Well we’ve got a little contest for that and it’s happening until the end of the month. We’re going to pick a new winner every 3 months so you’ve got 4 shots to take home the prize.

So sign up for yourself, enter to win a gift for a friend and let’s Live Healthy & Snack Smart!



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