Giveaway: Find a Workout Buddy, Get 3 Months of Free Gym Membership!

As we mentioned earlier this week, studies show that women who work out with a friend are more likely to go to the gym and, consequently, get better, faster results. So we’re giving away two free 3-month memberships to Lucille Roberts–one for you and one for a friend!

Even if you and/or your friend aren’t members of Lucille Roberts, you can still enter the contest. All you have to do is leave a comment, below, telling us who your workout buddy is–and then make sure your workout buddy leaves a comment, too, naming you as her workout partner.

Don’t have a friend that you already work out with? Now’s the time to find one!

We’ll choose one pair of friends at random to receive 3 months of free membership–for each of you!–at the Lucille Roberts gym of your choice. The winners will be announced one week from today.

Good luck!

Lucille Roberts Staff


  1. My workout buddy is Marketa Morse. It’s been ‘working out’ great! I’ve lost almost 30 pounds, and Marketa has become a certified trainer.

  2. My workout buddy is Alison Rabiej! I took her to Lucille Roberts once for a HIIT class and she signed up right after that =)

  3. Yes I am her workout buddy, he kept pushing me to go and just check it out and when we did we both joined!!!

  4. My workout buddy is Ticey Rosario and she talked me into trying out a free week with her. We were very much interested in your variety of classes. After the 3rd or 4th day we signed up and have been going ever since. This is working out well for me. I need a workout buddy to keep me motivated and she is that person :)

  5. I choose my friend, Karen Bonner as my workout buddy. Hopefully she will agree with me. We both attend the same location, Linden. This is an awesome idea. Keeping each other motivated will help us attain our goal to lose weight and become toned. Let’s do this ;)

  6. Shannon Gatson is my workout buddy! Having a gym buddy def helps the motivation…so true!

  7. My workout buddy is my friend Sharon. She just signed up today at Lucille Roberts/Commack,NY!!!!

  8. My best friend, Michele Patti, got me to join Lucille Roberts and we go to Zumba every chance we get. It doesn’t even feel like we’re working out and we have a blast doing it!

  9. My best friend, Michele, got me to join Lucille Roberts and now we go to the gym to laugh and dance at the Zumba classes.

  10. My workout buddies are Paris, Maria and Linda. I don’t even know their last names..we met at the gym in Linen and been motivating partners every since….lol

  11. My workout buddies are Paris, Linda and Maria. I don’t even know there last name. We met at the gym in Linen and been working out together ever since…lol

  12. As matter of facts when I started to com to the GYM .I hadn’tany idea if can keep cameing or not.Itake allthe classes in the morrning and I like all the classes.My workout budy is allthe insteractor that have class in the morning .thanks Lucilla Rabert

  13. My work out buddy is my mommy!!!! jennifer mizak we meet at the Linden Gym and we push each other to work our hardest!!!

  14. I’ve lost 20 pounds in 4 months at Lucille Roberts! I’ve motivated my little sister, Fariha Haq, and I’d like her to join Lucille Roberts and become my work out buddy so she can attain her goal and feel as confident and healthy as I do! :)

  15. My work-out buddy is “me, myself and I” -honestly…. I have many friends at the gym and yes we encourage each other but it must come from within.. that daily “push” even when your mind & body is not feeling up to it- you must push past that and keep coming and you will see how awesome you feel and eventually will look! I am grateful for all the trainers and classes that I am blessed to know and attend!

  16. I’ll be joining Lucille Roberts to become work out buddies with my sisters Sophia and Maymuna. So excited, can’t wait!!! :) Free 3 months is an even greater motivation to join considering I’m still in school… haha.

    • We’re so happy to have you join! Hope you have a wonderful time! (Thanks Sophia and Maymuna for the recommendation!)

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