We Try It You Win It: Dr. Lisa Therafit Shoe

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Whether for work or for play, women are on their feet all day, and wearing uncomfortable shoes can send shockwaves of pain throughout your body. That’s why medical doctor, Dr. Lisa Masterson, of the Emmy® Award- winning series, The Doctors, created the Dr. Lisa Therafit Shoe, the newest entry into the expanding trend of comfort shoe technology.

Built into each pair of Therafit is their patented cutting-edge technology; the outsole can be adjusted to allow an increase or decrease in impact resistance. The Therafit Personal Comfort System (PCS) Technology also utilizes three specially designed dual-density Adapters located within the shock-absorbing wedge that can be removed to change the shoe’s impact resistance and cushioning. Tired, aching feet? Remove one, two or all three of the Personal Comfort Adapters to change the resistance. Ready for a different feeling on your feet the next day? Pop them back in and get going!

Dr. Masterson knows that comfortable footwear can help relieve pain in the feet, legs, hips and back. “Women are constantly moving. We’re always on the go and we want comfortable shoes that move with us, but we want them stylish enough so we can wear them wherever we’re going.”

Lucille Roberts women are on the go, and they are definitely stylish, but they don’t always have the perfect shoe. That’s why we’re giving 3 lucky readers a chance to win a pair of Dr. Lisa Therafit Shoes! Enter below and good luck!

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