Become A Social Media Ambassador For Lucille Roberts!

lucille roberts social media ambassador

Are you obsessed with social media? Do you spend all your free time on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.? Do you have more friends and followers on social media than you do in real life? Then we’re looking for YOU!

We’re on the hunt for “super-users” of Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, and Tumblr to be Social Media Ambassadors for Lucille Roberts. By becoming an Ambassador you’ll help promote the Lucille Roberts blog and social media pages, and in return we’ll give you a free membership, free personal training sessions and tons of other amazing goodies and freebies!

To apply, email and let us know which social media site you’d like to be an Ambassador for—Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, or Tumblr—and that’s it! We’ll choose the best candidate for each social media account based on the number of followers you have, how much you engage with your followers, and how frequently you post to your account. Make sure that you’re friends with Lucille Roberts on the appropriate social media page, or make your account public so that we can view it.

Get your applications in by Friday, December 21st; don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity! Good luck!

Lucille Roberts Staff

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