Sculpt Your Body With Sandra Bullock!

Sandra Bullock (1)With a movie hitting theaters recently, Sandra Bullock is in the spotlight rocking her toned body as always. This 49 year-old beauty has starred in hit films giving her the motivation to stay fit with her latest movie, The Heat, which hit theaters late June.

This 5-foot-7 actress maintains her youthful figure by working out almost daily. Doing a combination of cardio exercises and strength training, the variety keeps her motivated. She also changes her workouts depending on her location when she shuffles between L.A doing Pilates, kick-boxing, and weight training then focusing on running and biking when she is in Austin, TX.

Standing Squats

To help you get Sandra’s sculpted from every angle body, here is her personal 35-minute  workout by her trainer, Eden Paul:

  1. Start out warming up with a 5 to 10 minute treadmill walk.
  2. Then alternate three sets of 20 standing squats (see picture to the right) then three sets of push ups, as many as you can do in good form.
  3. Next, alternate three sets of 20 reverse lunges. Then do three sets of 15 dumbbell dead lifts. Squat with dumbbells in each hand. Make sure your back is flat and knees don’t reach past your toes.scissor kick (1)
  4. After that, alternate three sets of 15 side lunges (both sides). Then do three sets of 20 dumbbell bicep curls to shoulder press. With palms up curl dumbbells into your chest keeping your elbows close to your sides, press dumbbells up, bring your arms back down, reverse curl and repeat.
  5. Lastly, lie face up in a crunch position with your legs in the air and your spine flat on the ground. Scissor kick your legs for as many seconds as you can in good form (see picture to the right).
  6. Rest and then repeat three times!
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