Learn How Kate Hudson Gets Sculpted To The Core

kate hudsonTo us, Kate Hudson is known as the sunny, petite All-American girl, so it’s hard to believe that she once weighed in at around 180 pounds. Crazy right? 

Although this was partly because the actress was pregnant with her second son, Bing, that is something we’re not used to seeing her as. Lucky for her (and us), she’s back on track and has since lost 70 pounds!

We all could all take a few pointers from this blond beauty…

The 34 year-old lost her baby weight by working out up to six hours a day, because she preferred to exercise more rather than follow a restrictive diet. But even so, she opts for a portion-controlled diet that helps her maintain a stunning physique eating 1,800 calories a day. She also does an elimination diet or juice cleanse twice a year.

By keeping up with her daily workouts, the “Something Borrowed” actress not only exercises her body, but to centers her mind too. She has her love of Pilates to thank for that. To keep her figure toned and lean, Kate Hudson turns to celebrity Pilates trainer Nicole Stuart. Their sessions usually include challenging routines that include a different mix of moves every time.

Hudson recently appeared on the cover of Shape and shared her Pilates workout. When she’s not getting centered, she will go for a run or jump rope. She also enjoys a calorie-burning cardio workout because it’s so convenient.


If you still can’t get enough of Kate, you should check out her new workout clothing line, Fabletics!

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