Kristin Bell Shares Her Life-Improving Tips

With an ever so popular Disney film, Frozen, under her belt and an upcoming Veronica Mars movie, Kristen Bell has to be feeling the love.

The 33 year-old blonde beauty has a successful career, motherhood, and a healthy philosophy on life. What’s not to love?


Read up on how Kristen stays heathy and fit all year round:

1. Work it out

Exercising with friends is one of Kristen’s go-to ways to stay fit. She enjoys going on hour-long hikes or Pilates. Her fitness comes in spurts, but sometimes she’ll choose to do 20 minutes of calisthenics, like push-ups and sit-ups.

According to Self, the actresses favorite exercise move would be, what she calls, the Bowler to work your butt cheeks. Head over to Self to use it yourself!

2. Make your body happy

While exercising is important, to Kristen, it has nothing to do with body image. Her goal isn’t to change ger body, but simply to make it happy. She refuses to be the girl looking in the mirror hating how she looks.

3. Be conscious of what you put in your body

Kristen is sure to be good to her body inside and out. She recently switched from being a vegan to a vegetarian since giving birth daughter, Lincoln. She does allow herself to indulge now and then. Her favorite yummy snack, salted chocolate.

4. Relax yourself

Stress can over power your body, so making time to relax and wind down is beneficial. Kristen’s ideal way to relax would be in the kitchen. “I have a tiny Italian grandmother inside me,” she told Self. Cooking up her favorite recipes for her family/guests help her ease up.

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