Get Strong And Fit With Zoe Saldana!

zoe saldanaThe Latin beauty, of both Puerto Rican and Dominican descent, hit the big screen in 2000 and has been a Hollywood front-runner ever since. But it’s not only her acting skills we admire, Zoe Saldana is one fit chick!

While she may command attention on film, Zoe’s fitness and diet have been the subject of interest recently. And unlike other actresses, she’s not afraid to let the world know her weight — a slim 115 pounds back in June.

So how does she do it?


There is no doubt that this former ballerina knows how to stay strong and healthy thanks to her one major rule: no deprivation and no crash dieting. Zoe maintains a simple and balanced diet by making sure she exercises just as much as she eats.

“There are sacrifices that go into it, but at the same time too, you can’t forget that you only live once, you have to enjoy the pleasures of life and you also have to enjoy the work in life,” she said in an interview with Oprah.

When it comes to fitness, however, the actress admits that she’s not the exercise fanatic she is made out to be. She explains that she needs the help of a trainer to encourage her to get to where she needs to be physically for a role.

While filming for her action flick, Columbiana, Zoe enlisted the help of Steve Moyer to whip her into shape. Moyer put her into a routine which worked both the upper and the lower body but had a definite focus on the legs. Some of the exercises included wall sits, plank push ups, walking lunges and ball hams.

Watch PopSugar’s video to find out Zoe’s fitness routine with Steve Moyer:

Zoe Saldana may be used to playing out of this world characters, but her healthy outlook on life and fitness is more down to earth.

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