Find Out How Olympic Skier Julia Mancuso Stays Fit

Racing down a snowy slope at gold-medal-winning speeds isn’t something you do everyday, but for Julia Mancuso, it’s a lifestyle.

The 29-year-old Alpine ski racer, who won gold at the 2006 Turin games, is a definite favorite this year at the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. With three Olympics and three medals under her belt, Julia is no longer an underdog.

Mancuso is in the best shape of her life, not only because of her skills on the slopes, but also by what she does off her skis.

Appearing on Health’s latest cover, Mancuso dished out her secrets to an effective lifestyle that keeps her going. On a regular basis, you’ll find Julia doing a lot of yoga and Pilates. To prevent injuries, she travels with a foam roller to stretch out her body. “Every morning, I roll out and then work on my core and my balance,” she explained.

Along with her more laid back workouts, for the last seven years, the brunette has been training with Maui-based Scott Sanchez. A two-time alpine skiing Olympian and former Olympic coach for 12 cycles, Sanchez plays a vital role in keeping Julia on track.

“For Julia to get in winning shape, it’s crucial for her to focus on her glutes and hamstrings, plus her ability to be explosive,” Sanchez explained in an interview with Shape. “It’s also very important for her to be able to recover quickly at high speeds and during risky situations.”

Sanchez also shared the two killer workout routines he has Julia complete (one for the gym and another for the beach). You’ll need a Bosu ball, free weights, and a Box to perform both three days a week for the best results:

Bosu Ball Skate SquatJulia Mancuso workout
  1. Place the bosu ball soft side up and stand in the center, shifting your weight onto one leg. Keeping eyes up and shoulders relaxed, brace lower abs in tight (as if you were trying to hold in urine).
  2. Extend left leg laterally and hold it there as you bend your right leg and lower yourself slowly (count to 5) into a squat. Ascend explosively to complete one rep. Repeat, trying to keep the lifted leg up throughout the entire movement.

For Julia’s complete workouts, head over to

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