4 Superstar Workout Secrets From Maria Sharapova!

maria sharapovaRaise your hand if you wish you had Maria Sharapova’s body! Here at LR, we envy the 6’2″ Russian beauty’s amazing physique. But this tennis pro works hard for what she’s got and so should you.

Sadly having to pull herself out of the 2013 U.S Open because of a shoulder injury, Sharapova still finds time to keep up with her workout routine, doing tennis exercises twice a day on top of her shoulder rehab. She’ll be greatly missed, but we couldn’t help but pay tribute because her body is rockin’.

The 26 year-old four-time Grand Slam winner serves up a few of her fitness secrets for us all to snag:

Maria Sharapova Tennis Player-1
1. Be Diverse

Yes, Sharapova’s go-to workout is tennis, but she definitely likes to change it up too. She does activities ranging from pilates classes, yoga workouts, mountain biking, running and even salsa dancing. A little variety never hurt anybody.

2. Drink Water

We all know that water is essential for your body to function. “Water is a huge part of my diet. I have to force myself to drink it,” she told SHAPE magazine in a recent interview. Try adding some fruit to flavor your water if you prefer fruity drinks.

3. No Crazy Diet

Sharapova’s striking physique is all thanks to exercising daily and her love for tennis. It does not include a strict diet plan. It’s simple really. She steers clear of gluten, packs on the protein, and loves her country’s staple borscht soup. On her cheat days she loves to go for some fish tacos with sauce and guacamole.

4. Just Relax

With all of her intense practice sessions and exercising regimens, Sharapova always finds time to relax. She enjoys pampering herself with spa and massage treatments or just lying around with friends. Taking a step back to de-stress is vital for physical, mental and emotional well-being.

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