4 Healthy Fitness Tips Inspired By Jennifer Aniston!

Jennifer-Aniston-by-Mark-SeligerIn her upcoming film, We’re The Millers, Jennifer Aniston toned up her figure to play the role of a stripper. This not coming as a surprise to us here at LR because this starlit stays in shape 24/7.

The 44 year-old beauty is currently the envy of women everywhere because of her toned and defined body. Though it may seem like she has it easy, Aniston works hard for what she’s got.

Whether it is running daily or posing in her favorite yoga stance, here are some fitness tips inspired by this healthy celeb:

Choose a Fitness Workout that Works for You

Jennifer is dedicated to her go to workout, yoga. With the help of her friend and yoga expert, Mandy Ingber, she is working her body hard using Ingber’s  28-day “Yogalosophy” program. That and running, this lady knows how to stay fit.

Model your workout off of Aniston’s using the same picks or different ones. Whether it’s kickboxing or Zumba, you should be comfortable with it.

Perfect the Basics of Your Workout

Jennifer’s go-to yoga postures are Child pose and Tree pose. These two are basics, but you should always be studying the basic poses or moves to perfect them. Doing so will help you fully understand how to work and protect your muscles to better workout your body during any exercise routine.

Despite whether you are a beginner, you’ll be on your way to being an expert like Aniston soon!

Stick to a Workout Routine

There is actually no secret to this Friend’s star’s fitness routine. “It’s simple. I run, work out every day,” Aniston told the Daily Mirror. This star actress is devoted to her workout habits going to the gym everyday to keep up.

Sticking to your chosen fitness routine is vital for your success. No slacking!

Focus on Your Health and Wellness

Being fit is not only physical, it is being healthy too. Jennifer doesn’t keep going back to her yoga mat just because it gets her body toned, it’s also because of the spiritual side of yoga. Yoga puts her in a relaxed and healthy state.

Your workouts should do that for you too. Choosing to eat healthy and put yourself in a good environment everywhere you go is also important.

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