4 Celebrities Who Love Yoga!

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If you love yoga then you’re not the only one! Some of our favorite celebrities choose yoga as their go-to workout to keep them fit.

Since yoga is a great exercise for your body and overall health, it’s no wonder that so many celebs use it to tone up their physiques. With September being NATIONAL YOGA MONTH, we thought it fit to showcase some healthy celebrity yogis with a few reasons why they love it:

1. Jennifer Aniston

We all know this actress is a yoga fanatic. Mandy Ingber, her personal trainer, really inspired Aniston to keep up with her routine. She told Popsugar, “It completely changed my life . . . It’s one of the most fun workouts I’ve ever had.”

2. Miranda Kerr

We can’t help but be envious of this Victoria’s Secret beauty. Miranda was even practicing yoga when she was pregnant! Talk about commitment. She says that yoga is a very important part of her life…and we can tell.

3. Drew Barrymore

Our favorite red head, Drew looks amazing! Part of her workout routine that helped her drop 20 pounds in 2004, the actress practiced Power Yoga. This type focuses on the very physical aspect of yoga. Drew is often seen carrying her yoga mat around town!

4. Rachel McAdams

This insanely fit The Vow actress is committed to practicing Kundalini yoga. This girl is said to be up at 4:30 am…we applaud her! Compared to other yoga practices, Kundalini is said to fall into the more spiritual realm of yoga.

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