3 Healthy Fitness Tips From Shakira!

shakiraWe can’t deny that Shakira is one hot mama! With just two months before she was set to start filming The Voice, this entertainer whipped herself into serious shape. Did we mention that she had just gave birth to her son, Milan?

We needed to get the lowdown on how she got her killer body back so quick. Read up on Shakira’s overall healthy fitness tips that she keeps up with even after losing her post-baby pounds:

1. Fun ExerciseShakira Waka Waka Dance (3)

Shake what you got! This Latina not only enjoys dancing on stage, but she is a huge fan of dance aerobics. Judging from her booty-shaking moves, Shakira has undeniable rhythm. She goes with some fun dance inspired Zumba.

If you’re like me and are stiff as a rock, she also enjoys playing sports, especially soccer. Hello! Her husband is a professional soccer player. All that running definitely contributes to her amazing physique.

2. Keep Things Balanced

Shakira sticks to a healthy diet for the most part. Eating mainly fish, fresh vegetables, and limited fats, the singer opts for small meals throughout the day. 

Even though Shakira sticks to a mostly healthy diet, she does give herself little indulgences. We’re talking chocolate. It’s important to allow yourself a few small treats or a whole cheat day. I don’t know about you, but I’m all about the cheat day!

3. Work Hard

After giving birth to her son, Shakira was determined to lose her baby weight. With The Voice starting soon, she had to kick it into high gear working extremely hard to achieve her incredible physique.

She recommends starting off slow and working your way up. You can push yourself, but know when to not push too far and always get your doctor’s permission after having your little one. Remember, the longer you wait to get back in shape, the harder it can be.

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