How To Get Rihanna’s Rockin’ Body

How To Get Rihanna's Rockin' Body

It seems everyone has Rihanna-fever, and it’s easy to see why. Between her catchy hit songs and fabulously fit body, we’re all crushing hard on the songstress from Barbados.

Rihanna is not shy about showing off her curves, and who would be after all the hard work she puts in to keep her body in tip-top shape. She exercises every chance she gets and eats the right foods to fuel her body, staying as dedicated to her health and fitness as she is with her music.

We’ve got the exercises and diet tips inspired by Ri-Ri that will transform your body from flab to fab!

Engaging multiple muscle groups with one exercise is important for a singer who’s constantly on the road and pressed for time. Try these 4 exercises for an all-over calorie burn that will tighten and tone every muscle.

How to get rihanna's rockin body, curtsy lunge

Curtsy Lunge

  • Begin standing with feet hip-width apart, a dumbbell in your left hand.
  • Step your left leg behind you and to the right, as if you are doing a curtsy, and lower into a lunge.
  • At the same time, raise your left arm up so that it is parallel to the floor, in line with your shoulder.
  • Return to start position and repeat on same leg.
  • Do 3 sets for each leg, 10 reps each.



How to get rihanna's rockin body, jack knife

Jack Knife

  • Begin by kneeling on the ground with a stability ball behind you.
  • Slowly come up to the top of a pushup position with your shins resting on the top of the ball.
  • Keeping your abs tight throughout the move, tuck your knees toward your chest and roll the ball forward.
  • Slowly roll back to the start position, not letting your back sag, and repeat.
  • Do 3 sets of 10 reps.


Dumbbell Step Up How to get rihanna's rockin body, dumbbell step up

  • Begin by standing in front of a workout bench or platform, a dumbbell in each hand.
  • Place right foot on top of the bench, and pushing through your heel, step up on the platform.
  • Avoid having your left foot come down when standing on the bench.
  • Slowly lower your left leg back down to the ground, but keep your right foot planted on the bench.
  • Repeat the exercise on the same leg, then switch when the set is done.
  • Do 3 sets of 12 reps for each leg.
How to get rihanna's rockin body, overhead triceps extension

Overhead Triceps Extension on Stability Ball

  • Begin by grabbing a weighted bar with a shoulder-width overhand grip.
  • Sit upright on a stability ball, feet flat on the floor and knees bent at a 90 degree angle.
  • Hold the bar at arm’s length, extended above your head.
  • Keeping arms still, bend at the elbows and lower the bar behind your head until forearms are parallel to the floor.
  • Bring arms back to start position.
  • Do 3 sets of 12 reps.

Rihanna’s Healthy Eating & Diet Tips

Rihanna's diet and exercise

Rihanna has been working with celebrity personal trainer Harley Pasternak and follows his Five Factor diet plan. Instead of the traditional three meals a day, Pasternak suggests eating 5 small meals throughout the course of the day.

Each of these meals must have five essential components: protein, fiber, healthy carbs (fruits and vegetables), a healthy fat (avocado, nuts etc.), and a sugar-free drink such as water or tea.

On the Five Factor plan, dieters are also allowed a “cheat day” once a week. Pasternak says the cheat day helps keep his clients on track with the health and fitness goals.

In an interview with Fabulous magazine, Rihanna revealed what she would eat in a typical day:

“I have egg whites and pineapple for breakfast with hot water and lemon. For lunch I have fish and potatoes. I hate vegetables but I make myself eat them. For dinner I have fish again.”

Overall, Rihanna tries to stay away from refined carbohydrates and red meat to maintain her 133 pound figure. But does size matter to this sexy singer? “My size varies,” she told Fabulous magazine, “sometimes I’m a 2, sometimes 4 – but what matters is being fit and healthy.”

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