Get Active With Cameron Diaz!


Raise your hand if you wish you had Cameron Diazs bikini body! Us, obviously.

Cameron is known for her versatile film roles, personable sense of humor, and her enviable physique because, I mean, come on. Have you seen it?

With her new movie, “The Other Woman,” coming out at the end of the month, the blond beauty looks undeniably gorgeous and fit.

The 41 year-old actress enlists the help of trainer, Teddy Bass, who has kept her in tip-top shape for years. Although her routine involves going to the gym and working out with Bass, she also chooses to stay active in other ways such as golfing and paddleboarding while on vacation.

053007_diaz_200X400When it comes to good old-fashioned gym time, Cameron sticks with a mixture of Pilates, strength-training, and cardio, which Bass says is the “best combination for women over 30.”

To workout your abs, Bass suggests doing Plank Push-Ups (AKA our Push To Plank move). Do three sets of eight repetitions. And if you want red-carpet ready legs, Bass has Cameron do Mountain Climbers:

Prepare by placing your hands on the floor, slightly wider than shoulder width. Position one leg forward, bent under your body, then extend your other leg back. While holding your upper body in place, alternate leg positions by pushing your hips up as you extend your forward leg back and pull your rear leg forward.

You can also check out Teddy Bass’s page for more awesome workouts like Cameron’s sexy legs routine!

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