Beauty 911: Toilet Paper For A Shiny T-Zone

woman mirror bathroom

Shine can be good for your hair, but most of the time not for your face. A shiney t-zone is a sign of oil build up and I don’t know about you, but if I don’t blot then I can use my forehead as a mirror. Not very glamorous.

If you find yourself without blotters one day, at an important meeting or on a date, use this trick for a quick solution:

Excuse yourself and head to the restroom. For a stand-in blotting tool, if the bathroom has a disposable toilet seat cover, use that or even toilet paper. Who knew? Doing so will gently dab away any excess oil just like your normal blotter. The material is thin and can effectively soak up excess sebum.

A helpful tip for all you germaphobes: Use the side of the toilet paper that’s facing inward (towards the roll), so that any leftover particle matter from the previous toilet flush isn’t clinging on to it.

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Catherine Mendez

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