Beauty 911: Forget To Put On Deodorant?

woman armpitHow many times are you rushing in the morning and  accidentally forget to put on deodorant? It’s not a good feeling.

So instead of going the day thinking you smell, why not trick this quick fix to stop your annoying underarm monitoring:

You can use antibacterial hand sanitizer in emergency situations when you don’t have deodorant on hand.

Here’s the thing, sweat doesn’t really stink. Yeah, surprised us too. The bacteria that lives in your armpits ferment the sweat (gross), and that’s what makes body odor.

We use deodorant for a few reasons:

1. Alcohol and other chemicals that kill/slow the bacteria
2. A sweat-reducing chemical or anti-perspirant
3. Some kind of essential oils to make you smell like your favorite scent

So, the antibacterial hand sanitizer can act as ingredient number one if you forget deodorant. Just be mindful that if you just shaved, the hand sanitizer will probably sting and it won’t work one hundred percent, so don’t make it a habit.

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Catherine Mendez

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