3 Tips To Get Glowing Summer Skin

Tips To Get Glowing Summer Skin`
If the idea of going bare this sunny season scares you, don’t panic! To help whip your skin into shape, here are a few tips to get glowing, luscious skin:

1. START AND END FRESH. Washing your face morning and night is essential to having a great complexion. Especially in the summer, the ground/air tends to be drier, so make sure you cleanse your skin daily with natural cleansers to soften the skin.
2. MOISTURIZE. To keep your skin soft, dewy, pliable and hydrated, moisturizing is the way to go. The best time to do so is right after a shower when your skin is still damp. Use your favorite lotion and moisturize your entire body.
3. EXFOLIATE. Doing so cleans off dead skin cells that will wreak havoc on your complexion– especially since we sweat more in the summer. A bead or sugar scrub works well for most skin types, especially sensitive or dry. And don’t forget your back!

Lucille Roberts Staff

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