Beauty Tip: Should You Wash Your Face Before Or After the Gym?

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Going to the gym straight from work is a must for many of us and with that we end up bringing along grime build up from the day. To wash your face before or after the gym? That is the question…

Our answer? BOTH!

It may seem counterintuitive, but to keep your face looking radiant we suggest clearing off any makeup before you start exercising. If you don’t, when wiping the perspiration off your face  means you’re pushing the day’s grime back into your pores. Not ideal because we all know clogged pores can turn into unwanted red spots. 

Sweat itself doesn’t actually clog pores, but makeup that’s the culprit. Pack some cleansing pads in your gym bag or wash with a mild cleanser before getting your sweat on.

And since the salt in sweat can aggravate acne-prone skin, it’s a good idea to wash your face, chest, and back post-workout, too. Your body and your pores will thank you!

If you want to look extra cute while exercising, try these mascaras that work best for your gym sessions.


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