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Why Join Lucille Roberts?

We could tell you about our classes that are guaranteed to help you lose inches and pounds. From Chickboxing and Bootcamp to Zumba and Triple Fat Burner, we have the biggest classrooms and the best instructors dedicated to helping you slim down and tone up.

We could tell you about our affordable membership rates and how we believe that nothing, especially cost, should keep you from achieving your fitness goals. No other gym offers classes and personal training at great prices like we do.

We could tell you about our great weight loss products that will help you drop a jean size and get the body you want. Or that our nutritionists and online recipes will help you work just as hard in the kitchen as you do in the gym.

But instead we’ll tell you that we are ladies only because we believe women should be comfortable working out. Our members can jump higher, squat lower and sweat without feeling self-conscious.

We are not just a gym, we are a lifestyle. And our members flaunt it on our blog, in our newsletter, through our cheerleader program and on our social media profiles. We believe in getting our members results and provide them with all the classes, exercises, diets and motivation they need to get fit, stay fit and be healthy!

What are you waiting for? Join today!