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Workouts to Create a Curvy Body

Some people are not naturally blessed with having a curvy physique.  For those of us that weren’t born with a J.Lo or Beyonce figure, there are several ways ...

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Love Jennifer Aniston’s Body? Meet Her Trainer

It’s no secret that we love Jennifer Aniston. That hair, that smile, that body! We don’t know who takes care of the first two, but Mandy Ingber is ...

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Healthy Recipes & Smoothies

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Chia Oat Pitaya Smoothie Bowl

When I first saw this recipe, I will admit that I was only interested in the picture. I mean, who doesn’t want to eat that for breakfast every ...

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Looking For A Fab Gym Bag? Look No Further!

When I reach a big fitness milestone, I like to reward myself. While some people may reward themselves with cheat days, why not try something that will keep ...

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