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4 Ways To Fool-Proof Your Running Form

Everyone has their own running quirks, whether it’s the way you plant your feet or use your arms. But with those things always comes a little room for ...

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Eva Mendes’ Secrets To A Slim Post-Baby Body

Not even six months into motherhood yet and Eva Mendes is killing it! I mean, have you seen her post-baby body? WOWZA! Ryan Gosling’s other half graced the ...

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Healthy Recipes & Smoothies

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Fresh Breeze Weight Loss Smoothie

Now that you’ve gotten over the midweek hump, hit the refresh button with the help of this cucumber and kiwi smoothie. Cucumber’s high water content helps ward off dehydration ...

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Beauty 911: Can’t Get Your Lipstick Off?

We all know how essential lipstick can be to your beauty routinue—whether you’re trying to make a statement or go casually nude. But sometimes it’s so darn hard ...

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